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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bipolar Beck and his Martin Luther King Rally

Updated Aug. 28, 2010:

The inmates have taken over the asylum

"Look around you. You're not alone. You are Americans! You have the same steel spine and the moral courage of Washington and Lincoln and Martin Luther King. It is in you. It will sustain you as it sustained them.”

--Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck's rally, Washington D.C., Aug. 28, 2010


By Michael Hoffman | www.RevisionistHistory.org

If it weren't so steeped in misdirection and moronic self-contradiction, the spectacle of Fox TV savant Glenn Beck and sidekick Sarah Palin vying with "Civil Wrongs" demagogues to see who can surpass the other in venerating the memory of Martin Luther King Jr., would be amusing rather than stomach-churning. Mr. Beck is organizing a “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington D.C., which he will headline with Mrs. Palin on Aug. 28, the forty-seventh anniversary of King’s "I Have a Dream" speech.

Beck states: "...whites don't own the Founding Fathers. Whites don't own Abraham Lincoln. Blacks don't own Martin Luther King. Humans embrace their ideas or reject their ideas. Too many are rejecting the Founders' ideas. Too many have forgotten Abraham Lincoln's ideas and far too many have either gotten just lazy or they have purposely distorted Martin Luther King's ideas of judge a man by the content of his character. Lately, in the last 20 years, we've been told that character doesn't matter. Well, if character doesn't matter, then what was Martin Luther King asking people to judge people by?" (Washington Post, August 17, 2010).

This writer has long regarded the Ayn Rand-greed-is-good advocate Glenn Beck as a platinum-plated fraud, despite his lofty Jeffersonian rhetoric. In the preceding remarks we see Beck praising the tyrant Abraham Lincoln, the gravedigger of the American Republic, and Martin Luther King, the man who destroyed our freedoms of association (the right to serve and employ whomever we choose) and property (the right to house or decline to house anyone).

The King-inspired Civil Rights Act of 1964 eclipsed two of our key immemorial freedoms. Mr. Beck, who is a politician and a media carnival barker, not a philosopher or statesman, despite his chalkboard didacticism -- is oblivious. Bill Ayers, the Republicans' perfidous poster boy for all that is wrong with Barack Obama, is a cherubic choirboy in comparison with Martin Luther King. Yet Bipolar Beck execrates Ayers and exonerates King.

"You're a perfectionist, Hoffman. Beck may not always be right, but he occasionally says some useful things."

And you, dear reader, are suicidally myopic if you don't know that an enemy of truth almost never promotes complete falsehood, but mixes fallacies with facts to make the former more palatable; that is Mr. Beck's role in the Right wing alchemical theatre, which is staged to look like a summer camp for sincere patriots.

Beck is leading an enslavement movement posing as a revival of the Founding Fathers. It is double-minded to the core and this fact should be an indication to rational people, of the extent to which it is directed by dark forces. His "conservatism" is of a piece with Talmudic neocon-ism and other alien alliances touted by the Republican Tea partiers, such as, for example, the free ride which synagogues are getting while mosques are attacked as the pit of evil. Rational people do not primarily blame Muslims for 9/11, which was an inside job of the George W. Bush regime.

Rational people do not make a cult out of the suffering of only one ethnic group in a World War II that saw the deaths of 55 million people.

Rational people do not support a "free trade" policy that ships our jobs and industries to Communist China under color of building free enterprise in America.

Rational people do not legalize usury, a heinous sin for 1,500 years, until the ascendance of John Calvin, and build a financial system upon it, while hypocritical usurers like Beck talk piously about not working on the Sabbath. ("Beck said he believes it was 'divine providence' that the rally was scheduled on the anniversary of the King speech. He said he had initially planned the event for Sept. 12 and then realized it was a Sunday. 'I'm not going to ask anyone to work on the Sabbath,' he said. He rescheduled the rally for Aug. 28 because it was the best day for the schedules of the people involved." --Washington Post, August 17, 2010).

Rational people do not make a hero out of Ronald Reagan, who knew very well that King was a Communist, a demonstrable liar, a serial adulterer and a woman-beater. Nevertheless, with a shrug of his broad shoulders, this "conservative" presidential icon sentenced the youth of America to perpetual King Holiday public school brainwashing every January.

Because most Americans alive today have been mis-educated, they do not understand and have not embraced the concept of First Principles -- the belief that one proceeds from and tests all subsequent ideas and movements based on a bedrock of ancient truths, grounded in Scripture and the immemorial heritage of inalienable rights that flow from the Christian legacy. These God-given rights permit me, as a free man, to employ only Black people, or only Italian-Americans, or only WASPs, and permit me, as a free man, to refuse to rent my house to a Chinaman, an Irish Catholic, a Khazar, a Calvinist or Al Sharpton.

These rights may not always be prudent or courteous or charitable to exercise, but as a last resort, they permit a free man or woman the option to work with and house only those who he or she believes are best suited to their personal goals, beliefs and aspirations, and afford them the right to avoid those who would violate or obstruct those beliefs and pursuits.

When these rights of association and property are diminished or abridged, then I am diminished as a free man. King’s "dream” is a nightmarish signpost on a road to serfdom paved by the curtailment of individual freedom which the misnamed "Civil Rights Act" imposed.

Moreover, the mind boggles at the folly of including Abraham Lincoln in Beck’s patriot pantheon, the dictator who suspended the writ of habeas corpus, nearly jailed the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, closed newspapers, and arrested legislators and journalists (including the grandson of the author of the Star-Spangled Banner). Lincoln told the South that it did not have the right to secede from the Federal Union, even though the Founders of the nation had seceded from the British Union. When the smoke of Mr. Lincoln's war cleared, 600,000 Americans lay dead in one of the worst acts of fratricide in the annals of the West. Glenn Beck enshrines the tyrant who imposed this incalculable horror on our nation. Every president who has endeavored to govern like a monarch, from Franklin D. Roosevelt to George W. Bush, has invoked Lincoln’s despotic engorgement of the executive branch of government to serve as a template for their own executive usurpations.

By placing Lincoln and King on a pedestal, Mr. Beck is telling us what he really believes and who he actually serves, beneath his persona as the All-American exponent of the Constitution and apple pie. His adherents exhibit what William Blake termed, "mind-forged manacles." They are willing to be enslaved as long as it is under a veneer of liberty. If they continue to march behind their pudgy pied-piper, they will have their wish.

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Hoffman is the author of They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America. His writing is funded by donations and the sale of his books and speeches.



Anonymous said...

I wonder if the recent Mormon campaign involving television commercials will feature Beck, a convert to Mormonism. Maybe they could show Beck and then at the end have the voice over say, "I'm Glenn Beck and I'm a Mormon. I believe Jesus and Satan are brothers and that what the silver salamander revealed to Joseph Smith was the truth. I wear my holy underwear, want to baptise you so you can serve me on my planet, and cherish my Masonic inspired apron."

Anonymous said...

I was doing pretty good until I noticed you label MLK as a "Communist" with a capital C. The implication in my mind is that you think he was an agent of the Soviet Union. Was King really that?

Anonymous said...

Ok, lets be blunt: was our current president elected by the color of his skin or by the content of his character? king's words still ring true, but would not be viewed as politically correct, for they would not support the election of a third-rate, inexperienced Chicago machine politicians over a war hero whose favorite oft-expressed sentiment calls upon us to serve a cause greater than ourselves. Time to cinfront this hypocrisy.

Siegfried Himmel said...

Beck's shenanigans are yet more proof that neo-"conservatives" conserve nothing except the downward spiral.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hoffman! Us followers of Palin, Beck and Limbaugh are working hard to prevent a racial riot in this country. That is why we are supporting Lincoln and King but we like to have a bit of fun also! When a story that deals with blacks lining up for assistance, we poke fun at them and put on our show the pathetic black person with a thick accent. That is how we are fighting racism in America. Mr. Hoffman you should join us and when the race war starts and we remove those undesirables we'll be free!
sarcasm intended

GodSend said...

911 was NOT an Inside Job but a job done by Zionist Israel (Mossad), assisted by Zionist Stooges in the Bush-it 'gubbinment' (CIA, FBI, NSA, MIC). This truth is being covered up by both political parties (Zionist-owned leadership).

911 was an 'Act of War' (by Israel) as well as an 'Act of Treason' (by the Bush-it and ObamaRahm-a administrations. The follow-up cover-up is an 'Act of Treason' by the Zionist-controlled MSM.

Those are the facts! They can be verified 'beyond a reasonable doubt' on the WWW.

Michael Hoffman said...

To Anonymous 5:41 p.m.

Concerning your “war hero” (John McCain), Special Forces Colonel Earl Hopper was most vocal about McCain — Hopper and Sgt. Major John Holland. Colonel Ted Guy wanted McCain jailed, as did Holland. They accused McCain of treason.

This is the testimony of Col. Hopper, veteran of both Korea and Vietnam, given on video before he died:

“Within five or seven days of being captured, McCain made a deal to trade medical care in exchange for highly classified military information including specific details of the package routes for bombing North Vietnam. He also told them the primary bombing targets. We lost 60% more aircraft and men because of the information McCain gave to the North Vietnamese. After about a month things had gotten so bad that we called off bombing North Vietnam.”

Source for this quote is Gordon Duff, USMC (Ret.).

I would add that Mr. McCain was the hand-picked protege of Arizona mobster Kemper Marley, the racketeer who had investigative reporter Don Bolles car-bombed when Bolles’ sleuthing into shady real estate deals in Arizona cut too close to Marley (and Barry Goldwater).

"Time to confront this hypocrisy"?

Anonymous said...

You're very wrong about Glenn Beck. No, he is NOT perfect like every other human being is imperfect: only Christ is perfect.

I hope you'll attend the August 28th Restoring Honor event.



travis said...

"We are Republicans, and don't propose to leave our party and identify ourselves with the party whose antecedents have been rum, Romanism, and rebellion. We are loyal to our flag" -- Dr. Samuel D. Burchard

This is an excellent post. Mr Hoffman is one of the few commentators who speaks to the concerns of the old Jacksonian coalition.

Beck, on the other hand, for all his Populist posturing, still craves respectability. Mormons are Burned-over district Yankees at heart, who, like Burchard, believe it's their duty to reform "Gentiles."

bw said...

As mentioned, Beck is a Morman, which is nothing more or less than (barely) veiled Freemasonry - which in turn is ancient mystery religions through the eyes of "phariseeism", Talmudic and Kabbalistic Judaism.

As for King, don't forget plagarism.

I'm torn on the Lincoln issue. On the one hand we have the Austrian school and DiLorenzo down at Auburn (whose Lincoln views you admire and whose economics you abhore) and we have the evidence presented by EIR (LaRouche) that there was an Elite European conspiracy working in the South through secret societies to split the Union, thereby "reconqering" the u.s. for European (London)Elite.

Lincoln did fight of the International Bankstas, and certainly was killed by a conspiracy, no?

And the only statue dedicated to a Southern war hero that stands in D.C. today is that of Albert Pike. hmmmm...

See what I mean? The Dialectic is truly a b*tch.

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear bw

I do not admire Mr. DiLorenzo’s views on Lincoln wholly, because they are deeply flawed by his assertion that Lincoln was a committed white racist, which I find more than silly.

Lyndon LaRouche is a dreadfully confused and double-minded thinker on par with Mr. Beck (although much higher in terms of intellectual capacity and education). LaRouche has signed off on the Renaissance Kabbalist conspiracy that infiltrated the Catholic Church.

The notion that the Federal Union had to be preserved in order to resist an occult conspiracy in the South overlooks the fact that as a result of the defeat of the Confederacy, the “Solid South” voting bloc emerged that would vote for Satan himself if he were a Democrat, so great was their hatred for Republicans. This baleful trend lasted until the Nixon presidency. Prior to that, the evil war-makers who engineered America’s entry into the ruinous First and Second World wars were Democrats elected to the White House thanks to the vote of the “Solid South.”

Lincoln was a corporate lawyer. How was he fighting bankers? He despised and fought Roger B. Taney, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and Attorney General under Andrew Jackson in the battle against the central bank. Lincoln gave us the first income tax and the first leviathan-sized federal government, along with the kind quasi-dictator presidential model that Mr. LaRouche craves.

In issue 54 of my hardcopy "Revisionist History newsletter" (53 is going to press soon) I hope to take up a study of the Confederacy and Judaism, with a side excursion into the masonic power in the South.

The fact that people like Pike and Judah P. Benjamin attempted to shape and co-opt the secession movement to suit the Scottish Rite and the Rothschilds does not, in itself, invalidate or render suspect the movement in the South to secede, any more than the Beck/Palin/Fox TV move to derail and redirect the burgeoning populist anger of grassroots Americans, renders their demands for a second American revolution suspect.

I would have been neutral during the War between the States. I admired Yankee Congressman David Wilmot’s Free Soil movement to keep the American West open for free white labor and banned to chattel slavery of all kinds, which the planter aristocracy opposed.

Yet I also feel kindly toward the states that wanted no part of the Federal Republican tyranny that was shaping the US into a super imperial power, beginning first with imperial suppression of the South’s Periclean civilization of agronomy, that was a rival to northern factory slavery and the kind of totalitarianism that brought us the income tax, Prohibition and perpetual war for perpetual peace.

If there had never been a civil war, or if the South had won the war, the Federal government’s ability to intervene in and decide the course of World War I would have been vitiated. The Germans would not have been starved and humiliated. There would have been no treaty of Versailles, no Hitler and very likely, no second World War, no atomic bombs, no so-called “Holocaust” and, methinks, no Israeli outpost in the Middle East.

The Southern “fire-breathers” like Edmund Ruffin, and the author of “Sociology for the South,” matched in fanaticism and war lust, the apostate-Puritan New Englanders preaching John Brown’s “cleanse this land with blood” horror. A pox on both their houses.

Then as now, blessed are the peacemakers.

Anonymous said...

The term bipolar may be an inaccurate description of Beck's double-minded misdirection and grandstanding.

According to a quick check on Wikipedia, bipolar disorder has more to do with manic-depression than with disociative identity disorder or the "double-mind", although delusions and hallucinations may manifest in extreme manic episodes.


Anonymous said...

Beck has potential to come around to your way of thinking. The only reason he doesn't satisfy you now is because he is a dupe of the conspiracy. But he's crazy enough to throw off his handlers one day and tell the truth.

He's a German, and he won't grovel before the Chosenites forever. Something will give. Nature says so.

DumbGoyNot said...

Dear Anonymous 8:30,

If you think that because he's German that Beck will one day have an awakening and throw off the chains of servitude to the Jooz then I have some beautiful beachfront property in Nebraska I'd like to sell you. Mengele was German and he served the Jooz all the way to the grave.

And where did you come up with such an idea about nature solving anything? Especially in view of the fact that Beck, having sold out to the Jooz has denied nature. He has taken on the Christian Zionist spirit, not only that but is now functioning as a mouthpiece for it, and when someone allows themselves to be used by a demon for very long they almost never make it back to reality. Then they have no choice but to believe nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Through some blessed random chance, I've stumbled on the entertaining writings of Michael Hoffman. In the universe of wackyness, they rank with all the greats of that genre. Highly recommended!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hoffmann,

I continue to find your views on the "real" Catholicism, as typified in your views in this article on Lincoln, to be a blind alley.

Lincoln was first a free-soiler, which you can see clearly in his pre-presidential writings, speeches and record. The Confederacy seceded before Lincoln had assumed office, and on what basis? That the federal government had no right to interfere in the "liberty" of southern aristocrats to enslave people and dictate national policy through corporate land-grabs?

To take a step back, how does the Platonic influence on the Catholic church date to the renaissance when the Greeks precede the Church, and when Platonic ideas are clearly evident in early church writers like Saint Augustine?

Plato has some weird stuff that I don't totally understand, but from the accusations I've read on him and Liebniz, another "LaRouchey" philosopher, to call them "Kabbalists" is totally superficial. Plato (and Liebniz, more explicitly) offer explanations for the existence of evil (the idea that God could not create a world of perfect parts (atoms/monads), but only the most perfect world of compossible parts), and a way (in Plato's case) for society to progress away from evil and toward the Good.

If I can create a caricature of the kaballah, it would be that, ipso facto, evil is therefore good, and bringing evil into the world impels man toward perfection. If you ask me, the kaballah is nothing but an elaborate layer of lies over natural law (logos), which was expressed well by Plato and centuries later by Jesus Christ in the sermon on the mount. You're throwing the baby out with the bathwater by looking at how Kabbalists perverted Plato and accusing him of being a Kabbalist. This is the same mistake made by David Livingstone, who wrote The Dying God.

Plato, Abraham Lincoln and FDR (and certainly not Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin) all understood an eternal aspect of natural law – "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's", which is to say the individual has certain responsibilities toward the state, and the state has a responsibility to advance and protect the common good, even at the expense of certain individual liberties, such as the freedoms to enslave blacks or conspire with foreign agents against your nation (as in the case of secessionist heroes like Aaron Burr and Andrew Jackson).

Because man is not – as Kabbalists assert – "perfectible" in this world, we must entrust some of our power in institutions like the United States or the Catholic Church. This is what Plato is saying in the Republic or Augustine with the City of Man / City of God.

Glenn Beck's or Palin's praise of Lincoln and Martin Luther King is a cheap cultural trope. They're trying to erase history and advance the age-old lie that a "Republic" like America (hmm, where did that come from) is only about "Liberty", which is to say a place without laws or regulations, and where there is no Natural Law, only contests between individuals within "the market" and the culture wars.

I sincerely appreciate certain aspects of your work, but your views in these areas have a lot more in common with Jewish revolutionaries than "traditional Catholics".

Anonymous said...

The Civil War was really the third war with the British who supported the South and its adherence to free trade and its companion slavery.

Lincoln told the international bankers to take a hike, then implementing the 'Greenback" as Constitutional credit to get the motors of industry running to win the war through logistical domination.

Yes a tragedy that we ever got to this point

Hoffman decries the death of the civil war, but is freaked out that MLKjr would attack the atrocities of Vietnam. Where was Hoffman during Vietnam?

As to LaRouche as a Kabbalist, this is delusional folly and worse yet a total misunderstanding of the breakthroughs in the understanding of science and universal law as relates to the actual notion of man made in the image of God as investigated by LaRouche and associates.

As to plagerization, Hoffman probably plagiarized, or rather had read heavily from the files of the LaRouche movement on conspiracies, etc. Too bad he does not understand the higher methods employed in the fight for civilization and the dignity of mankind. An suggestion, is http://wlym.com/drupal/campaigners There are a number to choose from~ Secrets known to the Inner Elites, etc

Anonymous said...

Calling cards of Laroucheys:

1. lionizing wanna-be dictators past and present

2. contempt for personal liberty

3. at least one mention of 'greenbacks'

I'd venture to say allegations of plagiarism for Mr. Hoffman are made by those who haven't purchased any of his resources. It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic.

ASE-Baltimore said...

To anonymous 9:02AM
"Hoffman decries the death of the civil war, but is freaked out that MLKjr would attack the atrocities of Vietnam. Where was Hoffman during Vietnam?"

As a student of Mr. LaRouche, I'm sure you understand the Riemann Curve, Carl Friedrich Gauss’s 1799 proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra, Kastner's anti-Euclidean geometry, and the difference between a man and a monkey, but you apparently don't know a thing about the issue of double-mindedness. In another post, which I believe has since been taken down, Mr. Hoffman was comparing Palin's seemingly contradictory support for both US military veterans AND MLK, when MLK had said that the US military had committed more war crimes than any nation in history. But I do NOT think that this is self-contradictory doublemindedness on the part of Palin, whom I despise. MLK simply made the statement that the US military had committed the most war crimes of any nation in history. Why would tea baggers object to US military war crimes, since they are committed on behalf of the good ole USA?