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Monday, May 17, 2010

Bishop Richard Williamson: "Murdered Truth"

 CXLVIII (May 15, 2010)


Conciliar Rome's radical misunderstanding of what the Catholic Traditional movement is all about, was illustrated once more in Paris last Wednesday (May 12) when Cardinal Kasper, head of the Vatican department for relations with other Christian churches and with Jews, gave a press conference. From the Reuters report let me quote as faithfully as possible what the Cardinal thinks, summed up in five propositions, and then comment.

1)The doctrinal discussions presently taking place every two months between four theologians of Rome, and a bishop and three priests of the Society of St Pius X (SSPX), are not proving easy. 2) The main problem is the concept of tradition. "Do we want a living tradition or a petrified tradition?" asked the Cardinal. 3) He said he is for this dialogue with the SSPX, but it has to be on Rome's conditions and not on those of the SSPX. 4) If an agreement is to be reached, the SSPX will have to make concessions, and it will have to accept the Conciliar reforms. 5) Without an agreement the SSPX will have no official status, its priests will not be recognized as Catholic priests, nor will they be allowed to exercise their ministry.

(1) Of course it is not proving easy to reconcile 2+2=4 (Tradition and the SSPX) with 2+2=4 or 5 (Vatican II and Conciliar Rome). We are in the presence of two profoundly different conceptions of arithmetic, of two just as profoundly different conceptions of Catholic Truth.

(2) 2+2=4 is truth, unchanging and unchangeable, therefore "traditional". 2+2=4 or 5 is a brand new arithmetic, as "living" as one likes, but utterly unreal, and so not traditional at all.

(3) If one is discussing true arithmetic, it will be on true arithmetic's terms and not on the terms of either party discussing, even if one of the parties takes its stand on those terms.

(4) Who wants, or needs, to arrive at an agreement that 2+2=4 or 5 (Vatican II) ? Only merchants of fantasy who no longer care for true arithmetic !

(5) If "official status", "recognition as priests" and "being permitted to minister" all depend on accepting that 2+2 can be 4 or 5, then all such "status", "recognition" and "permission" are being bought at the price of Truth. But if I sell off the Truth, how can I still have it to tell it? And if I can no longer tell the Truth, what kind of a priest can I be, with what kind of a ministry ?
Therefore in conclusion, it is not just on "tradition" but on the very nature of truth that these Romans and the SSPX part company. Changing truth, these Romans have lost the Truth, in fact they are, at least objectively speaking, murdering it, as Macbeth "doth murder sleep" (II, 2). 

Indeed in the same Reuters article the Pope is quoted as having said that the SSPX problem "robs him of his sleep." Holy Father, do believe that the Truth is far above the SSPX, which is no more than one of its tiny momentary defenders. Every one of us in the SSPX wishes you all kinds of well, especially to sleep well. It is not the SSPX, but murdered Truth, which is keeping you awake at night.

Kyrie eleison.

+Richard Williamson


Anonymous said...

This is the best thing His Excellency has written since the, well, fracas began. It wouldn't surprise me if word came down to him to zipper up. He may think like this, but most of the rest of his confreres have sold out.

Anonymous said...

new interview...


Michael Hoffman said...

To activate the preceding link just click on Bishop Williamson's name under the words "Kyrie eleison."

Liberty Bell said...

The good bishop's fortitude and resolve are beyond reproach and, I think, his points are intuitively clear. However, if '2+2=4 or 5' is equivalent to 'Either 2+2=4, or 2+2=5', then the truth value for the entire sentence is *true*. This merely an instance illustrating the logical rule known as 'addition' in which a true proposition may be disjoined with a proposition of ANY truth value and the resulting disjunction comes out true. For example, if we stipulate that 'P' is true, then 'P or Q' is also true - regardless of whether Q is true or false when assessed by itself. The truth table for the 'or' logical operator specifies that disjunctions are true if and only if at least of the disjuncts is true. The disjunction is false if and only if BOTH disjuncts are false. But, plainly, if '2+2=4' is taken to be the first disjunct, then, that first disjunct being true, the entire disjunction will be true regardless of what it is disjoined with.

Hence, it would be better, for Williamson's illustration purposes, for him to suppose that "Vatican II" holds simply that '2+2=5', which is (quite obviously) an arithmetical contradiction and, thus, which is necessarily false. Or, Williamson could change the logical operators from 'or' to 'and' yielding: '2+2=4&5' which, though susceptible to at least two readings, yields the desired (for Williamson's purposes) necessary falsehood.

(The first reading for '2+2=4&5' would seem to be: 'Both 2+2=4, and 2+2=5', which sentence is false, since it is a logical conjunction and a logical conjunction is true if and only if BOTH conjuncts are true - which they are not. The second, probably less desirable, reading for '2+2=4&5' would seem to be: '2+2=(4+5)', or '2+2=9', which sentence is, happily for Williamson, also clearly false.)

In any case, I submit this most respectfully and in full trust that Hoffman's readership is detail-conscious. Or, as Hoffman has elsewhere quoted Blake, that the reader's are conscious of the value of "minutely organized particulars".


Matthew Bell

Anonymous said...

To Matthew Bell:

If someone holds that 2+2=4 or 5,
then that person is playing a shell game.

johnny said...

On the unrelated Bristol Palin note:

Thank you Michael for inspiring me to view it from a Talmudic ploy.

The use of situation ethics has changed the semantics of the widow and the orphan.

Evangelical Americans are greatly being moved to idolize fatherless marriages?

Anonymous said...

Matthew Bell, I hope Bishop Williamson reads your post. Yes if Truth has been murdered, 2+2 should = 5.

Plu said...

I knew Richard Williamson while at the seminary. I left him there, my taking my leave before being pushed, somewhat to his regret, I think. I have valued his honour and honesty since then and find myself at peace, sharing his views and being happily blessed with the same Faith. He is a man of considerable intellect and, as only men and women of like intellect can easily do, with few and simple words can give the lie to the flatulent hyperbole of those who wish to deceive, mislead or otherwise cover their lies or inaccuracies with finely crafted phrases. Bishop Williamson converted from protestantism many years ago and knows the difference between Catholic and liberal protestant. Why should he wish to become, in effect, an Pope-recognising Anglican? That is all that is on offer, really.

Anonymous said...

Bishop Williamson is still a Protestant, as are all the Bishops of the SSPX.

It is clear that his love of Old Broadway has infused his comments with the type of flowery melodrama reserved to such noxious stinkers as Oklahoma and their vile ilk.

What's keeping Pope Benedict XVI, valid successor of St. Peter, up at night is bewilderment that individuals of such "considerable intellect" cannot discern doctrinal development or understand simple lessons in canon law and sacramental theology.

Michael Hoffman said...

To Anonymous 11:49 a.m.

It is a wonderment when people hand out certificates of Protestantism on the one hand, while certifying the orthodoxy of the post-conciliar popes.

Because Bishop Williamson will not sacrifice truth on the altar of papalolatry he is a "Protestant" ( and by extension the indictment includes Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre).

Pope Benedict's three pilgrimages to synagogues to offer solidarity with the assembled Talmudists who refuse Jesus Christ, is, however, a matter of "doctrinal development."

If that is the case, then Judas Iscariot must be the founder of "doctrinal development."

Anonymous said...

Good night!!! SSPX is blind!! The Catholic Church, faith, is NOT in Rome. And all those who follow the apostate church in Rome are OUTSIDE the Catholic Church. The SSPX remains in darkness because it too,is a heretical organization. Benedict XVI is an anti-christ. This is the great apostasy St. Paul spoke of in the Gospel.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, some people remain anonymous and say foolish, untrue or needlessly unkind things. I you have something to say, be a child of the light and stop lurking in the shadows, in order not to be seen!

Russell Berry