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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Talmud lessons: Moses & his grandson; usury and loopholes; "Avodah Zarah" Palin

The rabbinic fakers who composed the Babylonian Talmud fabricated this scurrilous hallucination about Moses and his grandson in the Talmud tractate Bava Batra, which reveals something of the fiduciary psychology of Judaism:

Bava Batra tells of spies from the tribe of Dan who encountered the grandson of Moses serving as the priest for an idol. "What are you doing here?" the spies asked. "How could you be serving an idol?"  Moses' grandson responded that he was there for the money. "I have a tradition from my grandfather," he stated, "that it is better for one to work in the service of an idol (avodah zarah) than to rely on other people to support him."

Compounding the interest of self-deceit:

A few months ago, FXCM, a foreign currency exchange (forex) business based on usury, began to solicit investments from Orthodox Judaics and their Orthodox rabbis. As part of their promotional campaign, they approached Rabbi Shmuel Eliezer Stern for a heter iska, a halachic (legal) document that nullifies the Bible's prohibition on interest by creating a loophole based on the fantasy that profits derived from FXCM's usury accruing to Judaic investors in a Judaic-owned business are not interest, but are "shared profits from a return on an investment." Upon receiving the heter iska from Rabbi Stern, stories were published in Orthodox Judaic newspapers praising FXCM and using Rabbi Stern's name and his association with Rabbi Vosner's Beit Din (rabbinic court) for promoting FXCM's business.

"Avodah Zarah Sarah" will do anything for her Khazar idol - anything

Sarah Palin with O'Reilly on Fox News, Jan. 13: "What I would like to see the the Obama administration do though is convince Americans that they would be willing to do anything -- anything -- that needs to be done to protect America and her ally -- to protect Israel."


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