Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Israeli Nazi Occupation Troops Police Segregation Fence

This video, filmed July 10, 2009 near the Palestinian West Bank village of Nilin, in six brief, horrifying minutes shows what daily life is like for Palestinian patriots protesting the segregation wall which the Israeli Nazis maintain to keep occupied territory Palestinian-free. You will see the daily routine of physical assaults, guns drawn and armored personnel carriers.

If any other nation on earth was using these means to enforce racial and religious segregation they would be targets of universal boycotts and utter revulsion. Instead, the Israeli occupation enjoys the support of President Obama, Pope Benedict and the heads of Europe, Australia and Canada. All the West's chatter against "racism and bigotry" is suspended in the special case of the Israeli occupation. This suspension reflects the degree to which Talmudic ethics and morality have penetrated the West.

Zionist media executives at the New York Times and elsewhere have ruled that the ugly Israeli fences and walls must be called by the politically correct term, "separation barriers," rather than segregation fences or apartheid walls. By this twisted logic, the Jim Crow American South should have been known as the "separated South." But of course because the American South was Christian it is permissible to term their policies "segregation," while the morally superior Israeli policies are afforded the cosmetic "separation" euphemism. The Talmud's exalted view of Zionists is, once again, adopted as a journalistic standard by the supposedly secular American media.

We wish to acknowledge the fact that this video is made possible by the courage of dissident Israelis, including Sarit Michaeli, who operate the cameras. We also wish to recall that the Israeli-Nazi occupation also harms the occupiers who, by engaging in the dehumanization of Palestinians, diminish themselves in the process. A very important fact to remember: We hate Zionism, we do not hate Zionists. We pity them for the psychic wounds they inflict on themselves.

Letter to the New York Times: "Cue the folks who bring up 'rocket launchers and suicide bombers' in order to excuse the Israeli government's unending oppression of Palestinians, while ignoring the absolute power, strength, and cynicism of the Israeli War Machine. I don't condone violence of any sort, but the stark injustice and disproportionality of Israel's violent treatment of Palestinians makes Palestinian pea shooters and home-made rockets a joke. Too bad it gives the Israelis and their cheerleaders in the U.S. yet another easy excuse for continued occupation of Palestinian lands and the dehumanizing treatment of the Palestinians, purely based on race." — Nestor

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