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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Speak on, Bishop Williamson

Richard N. Williamson, SSPX

By Michael Hoffman

There is a rather startling hue and cry for the head of Bishop Richard Williamson, the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) bishop who doubts the existence of execution gas chambers in Auschwitz-Birkenau, and whose excommunication, along with that of his three brother bishops, has been lifted by Pope Benedict XVI.
Extraordinary misrepresentations amounting to false witness have been made against this bishop and World War II revisionists in general. Ignorant persons who have never read a revisionist text have concocted wild fantasies about the character of revisionists and what they believe.

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre,
the founder of the SSPX who was an implacable foe of Judaism, is being made out to be a prelate solely focused on restoring the old Latin Mass, as if that restoration alone, separated from all the ills that beset us, is a panacea. This is an error which Msgr. Lefebvre never indulged. He insisted on the Kingship of Christ in our culture and society. How can such kingship exist when an enormous homicidal gas chamber fraud shackles the minds of millions of Christians?

Some considerable portion of the constituency of the traditional Catholic movement consists of middle class reactionaries and aesthetes almost exclusively concerned with protocol and looking good in the eyes of the Vatican and the world, so as to have at their disposal a lovely liturgy, music, incense, bells and candles. Christ's radical teaching is not part of their
gestalt, and I venture to say they would be embarrassed by Him if He were among them today, since He had a tendency to utter harsh truths about Pharisaic Judaism in very public venues, something considered bad form for those engaged in lobbying the Vatican (and the Zionist media!) today.

Whether or not Bishop Williamson "denies" the existence of execution gas chambers operating in Auschwitz-Birkenau, should not in the least effect his standing in the Church of Christ, or his right to speak, teach and publish, anymore than Neocon Catholics who deny that the recent Israeli massacre of 1300 Palestinians, including 400 children, some of them burned by phosphorous poison gas (irony of ironies), lose any standing in the hierarchy, or their local church, with their abject denial of the Israeli holocaust against Arabs. 

God said, "My ways are not your ways," but many of Richard Williamson's detractors imagine God to be as the Talmud envisions him, a subsidiary of the ruling Sanhedrin, the rabbinic judiciary before whom we are all expected to genuflect, swallowing their outrageous exaggerations and lies in order that we may be considered good little boy scouts.

One is free to reject or embrace Bishop Williamson's views, but we should all defend his right to express them, especially in light of the fact that some 
"Holocaust survivors" seem to think that their suffering under the Nazis (both real and imagined), gives them a license to massacre the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine with impunity.

If Bishop Williamson's courageous remarks, however ill-timed, cause us to think twice about the alibi for Israeli genocide, then people of good will should be heartened. Instead, we witness the sorry spectacle of prissy Catholic school marms frantically running amok, seeking to smooth the ruffled feathers of
those who have the blood of Gaza on their hands.

Holocaustianity is the last truly believed state religion in the otherwise agnostic West. Auschwitz has replaced the Resurrection as the central ontological event in our history, a substitution easy to prove: no one goes to jail for denying the Resurrection. Meanwhile, revisionists are serving long prison sentences in Europe for doubting the homicidal gas chamber icon. Among those prisoners of conscience is the brilliant, former Max Planck Institute doctoral candidate in chemistry, Germar Rudolf.

Far from complementing Christianity, as the Vatican imagines, Holocaustianity is its deadly rival for the hearts and minds of mankind. The typical "ultimate lesson of the Holocaust" imparted in the synagogues dedicated to the Six Million idol which masquerade as "holocaust history museums," hold that the historic Christian faith, as recorded in the Gospel of John and implemented by the early and medieval church, inevitably fostered the "evil bigotry" that "paved the way for the mass gassings in Auschwitz."

In spite of the thundering anathemas of the prostitute press and the prelates of Newchurch, how can any true shepherd submit to this false religion and its Orwellian "Holocaust" Newspeak, which at its core represents the pernicious and perpetual libel of Jesus Christ and His authentic disciples?

Speak on, Bishop Williamson, the victims of counterfeit-Israel desire that you give voice to the agony of the oppressed and the bondage of the free

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This column has been translated into Italian here


Palestine in Words said...

This article says it how it is... which is not unusual for Mr. Hoffman! Until when will the entire world have to tip-toe around the 'Holocaust' survivors and their descendants? And until when will the Palestinians have to pay with their lives for a mythical genocide, which even if truly existed, they played no part in?

I quote the wonderful Chris Hedges, "The lesson of the Holocaust is not that Jews are special. It is not that Jews are unique. It is not that Jews are eternal victims. The lesson of the Holocaust is that when you have the capacity to halt genocide, and you do not—no matter who carries out that genocide or who it is directed against—you are culpable."


Anonymous said...

I sometimes quite disagree with you, Mr. Hoffman. But this article I definitely agree for the most part! Although if Bishop Williamson agrees to become gagged, I believe it will be offer up this humiliation for all those poor sycophants inside the Traditional Catholic movement. I only briefly perused through Mr. Ferrara's article, and couldn't bear to read any more. THAT THESE PEOPLE CLAIM TO SPEAK FOR THE TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC MOVEMENT IS UNCONSCIONABLE!!

Anonymous said...

I found the very end of Bp. Williamson's interview with the Swedish reporter particularly revealing. I think that when answering the question he temporarily forgot where he was - which country he was in. He sort of caught himself for a minute and realized the potential implications of his words, and how they could be used against him and send him to jail. Or at least a costly and drawn out legal proceeding. He then realized the posibility that he may have been set up by the reporter. You could see the distress in the face of the Bishop. Don't tell me there is free speech in the west. For even an outspoken man like the Bishop clearly knows, almost instictively, that there are limitations imposed upon free speech and that which preceeds it - freedom of thought. Even the best of us have been "processed" by modern day Pharasaical zeitgeist. How can you protect yourself and family from being processed by the modern-day Talmud mind-set?

Anonymous said...

Jesus, as I did in fact read the gospels, unlike so many who apparently do not. My evolved understanding of the New Testament is that, while it is a universal statement, it is quite specifically a statement about morally confronting not the branches of evil, but the root: that is, Talmudic Judaism. If we ask of the New Testament, where is the core of evil to be found that we may confront it? the answer, if any, is this. It is as plain as day, in fact. Those who wish to deny this are not short of company; none wanted to take on these ferret-like rabbis in Jesus' time either. It is difficult to measure the courage of those that stand for the Jewish program because to stand against 'anti-Semitism' takes no courage whatsoever. To accommodate this tribe's neurosis we have been asked - and have largely obliged to - ceremoniously throw out every soulful, true and real portion of our society. We must certainly ask what is in our natures to allow this to happen. Is the question for us, what are we afraid of? It would be helpful to ask what is in the Jewish nature as well. Is the question for them, what AREN'T they afraid of? My final comment is consider the founding fathers; think of the kind of courage moral and otherwise it took to found the righteous bedrock of this nation. They, by and large, openly detested the Jews on an intellectual/philosophical level. By that criterion alone we are not the inheritors of them, just as the nation as a whole is not.

Barrington said...

Aside from the chemical impossibility of getting the gas into and out of the chambers, of getting the dead out of the chambers and then somehow cremating them as fire wood with no fuel, or worse, in open pits, of being unable to find mass graves that would support even 1% of number of alleged deaths, I find it impossible to believe that six million Jews could be tricked or even forced into being gassed.

Anonymous said...

I have just read a quote from "Holocaust survivor" Elie Wiesel, who observes that the lifting of the excommunication of the four SSPX bishops shows that, "..... their sensitivity to us as Jews is not what it should be" He may as well have said. "They are not displaying the nauseating grovelling, submissive and utterly obsequious posture which we, the Chosen Ones,demand from them as of right"

Michael Hoffman said...

To Anonymous 1:44 pm.

Dear Sir or Madam

It is unfair to characterize the Founders "as detesting Jews." God forbid. Washington made his famous "fig tree" speech to them (which was excessively servile in some respects, no doubt reflective of the masonic tradition he had yet to fully shake off).

Jefferson rightly execrated the Talmud and Kabbalah, but he never sank to the level of the rabbis, by despising people just because they are members of a particular ethnicity. This is a point I make in "Judaism Discovered" -- it is RABBINIC to hate people due to their race.

I love and pray for Judaics. The evil ones among them, who will not reform themselves, God will handle: "Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. I will repay."

In the Holy Name of Jesus,
Michael Hoffman

Anonymous said...

Scripture tells us the spiritual man judges ALL things, and is himself judge by no one.

Many traditional Catholics see the Holocaust solely as a historical event. I point out in a spiritual sense it smacks of the human sacrifice rituals of ancient Pagan societies. Top Zionists permitted the death of their "lesser brethren" by thwarting European Jewry emigration efforts to the US and UK.

Also the 8th Commandment forbids bearing false witness against one's neighbor, and Germany is our neighbor in the family of Nations.

Anonymous said...

News of Bishop Williamson's "sin" was everywhere here in Canada. Is there a way a layperson like me could send a message of encouragement to Bishop Williamson? We need more clergy like him who are not afraid of the modern-day Pharisees. Maybe the bishop has read Mr. Hoffman's awesome book, "Judaism Discovered." I'm now on my second reading, and if I read it 100 times, something would pop out of a page and I'd have to say, "How did I miss that gem?"

johnny said...

Thank You Mr. Hoffman, great article!

I see a majority of Christendom emptying itself into the Dark Goblet Of Babylonian Humanism. As you have rightly penned on pg. 59 of Judaism Discovered, “Churchianity: The Anti-Christ Religion Of Usury, Greed, War-Mongering, State-Worship And Scripture Twisting”, could easily describe today’s state of Christianity, that is Churchianity Discovered.

Its Orwellian memory hole continues to trap those on their rabbit trails in a perpetual loop of forward blindness unaware of the side view and rear view catalysts and causalities. Thank you for reminding us Our King implores us to be wise as serpents, although, unfortunately, the venomous principalities bite is so often deep and numbing, leaving us a bit foggy and in need of an antidote. The antidote that all Christians are missing is an examination of Judaism. In reference to your current article, on page 644 of Judaism Discovered you remind us when you inscribe,

“The poisonous effects of the hermetic, Neoplatonic lobby inside the Roman Catholic Church would bear bitter fruit for centuries, even unto our own day, since for the modern popes, the Catholic-humanist Kabbalists are exemplars of the “evolving” Christian “synthesis.” Throughout the Renaissance no Catholic theologian of which we are aware issued any sustained critique of Judaism comparable in scope or power to Luther’s Von den Jüden vnd jren Lügen, a book which encouraged a candid Christian scrutiny of Judaism on the part of generations of learned Lutheran Hebraists, most notably the University of Heidelberg linguist, Johann Andreas Eisenmenger, who issued his nonpareil two-volume scholarly study of Judaism on the eve of the Enlightenment.”

Anonymous said...

Ferrara - "Therefore, not only this newspaper, but every journal of traditional Catholic opinion, and above all the Society itself, must clearly and unequivocally declare—as I do here and now—that Holocaust revisionism, wacky conspiracy theories, and other such nonsense will have no part in the traditionalist movement."

What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Funny that I think homosexual pedophilia in the Roman church has a begining from VaticanII

Anonymous said...

I am a traditionalist and I attend a SSPX Chapel. My mother was captured as a Dutch Resistance fighter and spent 2 years in the concentration camps. She, my father, a Canadian soldier who stayed for the occupation in Germany and Holland, both you are of German parents, and I agree with Bishop Williamson - The scientific and investigative evidence is on the side of the Bishop.

Anonymous said...

zionism = terrorism

Anonymous said...

I read Ferrara's article and found it hilarious. This guy's a lawyer and he says things like 'If I am wrong on a particular, so what?'

If Ferrera had limited his article only to a discussion that from a tactical and/or 'PR' position, the Bishop's bringing Holocaust and 9/11 skeptic positions into the interview was a mistake - for that Ferrera may have a point - particulary because the Bishop's delivery, so to speak, was not the best -
In order to have maximum effect on the public, questions regarding things like the existence of gas chambers must be put properly - it would have been better if the Bishop said something to the effect that 'You know we've never seen a blueprint for the contruction of these gas chambers or a model of a gas chamber that actually comports with the laws of design and physics' or 'the building that is shown to tourists at Aushwitz was actually constructed 10 years after WW2 by the Soviets and you know - the allies took tons of fly over pictures of these camps during the war and the photos dont show evidence of mass executions or gassings being conducted' etc.

With respect to 9/11 - "you know the architect who designed the towers made it so that the building could withstand a hit from much much larger planes - that's why I think we really havent been told what happened that day"

But Ferrara really wanders down a dead end when he starts quoting from the Zundel trials (there were a whole series of them) - these were the trials that got 'Holocaust Denial' laws strengthened or passed just about everywhere - because the lead witnesses for the existence of gas chambers - 'Pressac' from France was one I believe - folded and were completely demolished under cross-examination.

It was the Zundel trials that had the Canadian Courts rule to the effect that "TRUTH IS NOT A DEFENSE - if you say what you are saying to be NAUGHTY. (That has been overturned). They had to do this to avoid ruling on the question of whether the existence of gas chambers had been proven in Court.

Ferrera then glosses over Zundel's deportment out of the US to Canada and on to Germany to goto jail because Zundel failed to appear (he asked for it to be adjourned by mail) for an immigration hearing - he married a U.S. Citizen.

What we see with Ferrera is similar to what we see with most Catholid Trad. 'institutions'. Catholic trad. bookstores have many books about the dangers of resurgent Islam, this heresy or that, or people like Oliver Cromwell, but one line of inquiry you will not see in any catalogue is a deconstruct of the Talmud - you will also not find books about historical revisionism or controversial 'ahem' figures like radio Priest Fr. Coughlin.

Fr. Coughlin spoke over the radio for years about the 'munitions packed Lusitania' as the BS pretext to starting WW1 to make money for banksters and arms merchants - and that the working public should be expecting another 'incident' as a pretext to another world war based, for instance, upon Congress' repealing laws barring the U.S. export of arms, etc. (You can get Coughlin's sermons from the late '30's online)

Who here saw the article that the team currently exploring the Lusitania has found approximately three million rounds of British Enfield .303 caliber ammunition - that of course is sufficient to arm 1 million rifle armed soldiers with 300 rounds each - which is a full kit. Although Bob Ballard (who discovered the Titanic and who also explored the Lusitania) concluded that the Lusitania sank due to a coal dust explosion brought on by the torpedo hit across several of the coal bays) - Coughlin was right that the ship was carrying munitions - it took almost 100 years to prove it - thus removing the ship from non-combatant
status -

Similar to the navy ship which blew up in Havana harbor starting the Spanish American war - the very fact that 9/11 was justification to a new war should lead everyone to call BS and investigate - hence being skeptical about the official explanation of 9/11 puts you on the right side of history.

If the Gospels are the direct antithesis to the Talmud - we could then state that Talmudism is the true opposite of and thus the 'Adversary's' as Ferrera puts it, on Earth are Talmudic proponents - the fact that Trad. publications do not attack the 'adversary' speaks volumes.

ALso, the fact that revisionism gets no play whatsoever in polite 'trad.' circles, eliminates any of the most important books about how WW2 got really started, why we never had 'peace in our time' - even Pat Buchanan is 'getting it' although he doesn't quote any revisionist as his source -

Whether its' fear of the Talmudists, ignorance, or fear of alienating the boys down at the VFW hall when you show them statistics showing the incdeint of rape was higher in the US Army than in the German army - who knows - but nothing will get better until Talmudic principles and 'worship', together with laws that emulate the nuances of the Talmud such as the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code (a talmudic document if there ever was one) are removed -

Anonymous said...

The truth will set you free. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. May God bless all those, who like Bishop Williamson, have the courage to take a stand for the truth. I know him and he is a truly a man of God. Sadly, very few are defending him due to the fear factor, but I applaud Michael for doing so!

Troedyrhiw said...


I have read many of your publications and agree generally with 85-90% of your work.
I have however found that this article rides in the 15-10% bracket of disagreement.

Your... "I love and pray for Judaics"

By default are you attempting to nuance the sentence due to their Khazarian heritage.??
Moreover, I do not think that whomever may have "invented" the word "love" (historic or pre-historic) had your application in mind.

You love your wife,your family and your Lord...If you love your neighbour, I think that is called "adultery"..is it not :-))
Appropriate words applicable to the human trait of passionate expression are most definitely thither in the etymologist's and lexicographer's dictionary..
We all at times become smothered by abstractions. However,nowadays we must be vigilant and judicious as "they" the enemy of our Jesus doth parse and study till their beanies fall off...It is their weakness as truth needs no memory banks.

"They" now have the resource assistance of etymological software.
Can one anticipate the Talmudian Torture Text with annotations being sceptred in places that we never knew existed on a sacrilegious page...and hitting the 100 book mark by (say) "2012" (AD of course)

Your..." Holocaustianity is the last truly believed state religion in the otherwise agnostic West. Auschwitz has replaced the Resurrection as the central ontological event in our history."

If by "Holocaustianity " you mean the Christian acceptance of the Holocaust,then by announcement you unwittingly provide the impetus that any myth postulates to ensure survival..It is a sign of inglorious and dishonorable capitulation.Your enemies can and will fabricate on that concessionary admittance..You have just offered their Elders a moment of satisfaction and Protocol advancement.

You may not agree but when one expresses oneself in such a manner,there appears to be a psychological weakness,not by definition, but by acceptance by those people who
smiles victoriously when their opposition shows the human aspect of his/hers rationale.

Your "no one goes to jail for denying the Resurrection"
Yes they do..Try Italy, Russia,Spain and Poland.
The official charges may not be specifically located under "Resurrection", but you know how these religious Spanish and Italian legal experts cogitate...don't you...And I dare you Michael to walk down any main street in Moscow with a banner reading "Jesus is a fake"

Your... "Holocaustianity is its deadly rival for the hearts and minds of mankind."
With 1.3 Billion casual and devoted Christians in this world of ours..The 14-19 million(includes atheistic sayanims and top notch Judaic Christians) followers of the Sanhedrin and Theodor Herzl require much more than their current control of politicians,media and finances to Judaicalise the vast majority of that 1.3B Christians..

If you peruse Google with the "Jews kicked-out of country" and then Google much deeper into the archival narratives of primarily Spanish, Italian, British and Greek "scholarly places" you will be happy to find out that what may appear to today's 'knowledgeable people' is not dissimilar in expectant Jewish immorality and iniquity...than in the days of Tiberius Claudius Caesar.,,say 49AD ....later to be Neoconised by the Historian and Senator "Gaius Cornelius Tacitus "...and that was the period when THE REAL Judeans first clasped their eyes upon the MANY Christians that populated the suburbs of Rome .....and Britannica...It was hate at first site..But then Tiberius completely ignored Abe Foxnab and the ADL assassins and gave away his daughter in marriage to a "Khymric Brit"..the son of Caractacus(Caradoc latinised) and they all lived happily ever after.

The Christians today can say... "BEEN THERE.. DONE THAT" and find just ONE MAN who will have the guile,fortitude and strength of character to correct the situation..Please everyone stop shouting "OBAMA"(read that last para again)..and John Wayne and Moses are no longer with us


Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Troedyrhiw

As a Christian I am commanded by my Savior to love my enemies and do good to those who hate me (Matthew 5:44-47). This is the basis of the love I have for adversarial Judaics.

This is not to deny that God will indeed deal with those who are resolutely and impenitently wicked (Psalm 5: 4-6). But that's up to Him, not us (Romans 12:19).

Our job is to work and pray for everyone's conversion and salvation, including our own sinful selves. A vital part of that work is the dissemination of truth without fear.

Michael Hoffman

Anonymous said...

The descendants of Jesus are the Palestinians.

Anti-semitism would require the hatred of Palestinians, Iraqi's and Arghans. It is NOT anti-semitic to oppose the genocidal policies of the state of Israel, the vast majority of whose inhabitants have no hereditary lineage to that land.

When all is exposed, history will show that religion has been the most devastating aspect of humanity.

While I am not Christian, I do see all of humanity as one family and I long for the day when others see that fact for what it is.

When the power of Love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

Excellent article. Keep up the GOOD work.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hoffman, thank you for showing me and my friends that you can be a revisionist and a charitable human being at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Exciting news! An Italian priest of the SSPX has also questioned the Holocaust:


Anonymous said...

In the recent movie "21" - an homage to card-counting in the game of Blackjack - in an early exchange between a student and his professor (the latter played by Kevin Spacey), the student's contention that a certain Russian theorist actually stole a particular hypothesis from one of his own students is flatly addressed by the Spacey character in such a way as to say, "It was never proven, and, without proof, well, it's a little like it never happened." I listened to that for the first time while watching the film, and immediately I thought: If not for the sheer religiosity of Holocaustianity, why in the world cannot such skepticism be applied to the received opinion about World War II? The boldness of such an exchange was only further underscored by the fact that it appeared in a Hollywood script. Here, once again, are the "powers that be" rolling the dice with our credulity, long since lulled to sleep. I made the connection, although I doubt many others did.

Anonymous said...

Praying for jews doesnt mean rolling over to jews and being slaughtered by them. Peter carried a sword for good reason. Dying by the sword is better than dying by doing nothing to save our children. The people are out to kill us. If we dont stand and fight we wont be able to pray for anyone because we'll be dead. Anyone who tells you to roll over and let these criminals take over your women, children and country is a complete buffoon.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be refreshing to see that Discovery Channel program "Mythbusters" address the myth of homicidal gas chambers?

Anonymous said...

"The truth will set you free. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. May God bless all those, who like Bishop Williamson, have the courage to take a stand for the truth. I know him and he is a truly a man of God. Sadly, very few are defending him due to the fear factor, but I applaud Michael for doing so! "

Whomever wrote above,would you please comply with another writers request regarding some form of address that support can be sent to Bishop Williamson..


Anonymous said...


The italicised paragraph immediately below was from one of your many "Anon's" here..
.It does however express a sincerity that aromatise in honesty and truth..How would you assimilate your position of non-combativeness and (say) the possible need to kill someone for (say) Israel (say) in Iran if called up to perform National Service for your country ..the US of A...

"Praying for jews doesnt mean rolling over to jews and being slaughtered by them. Peter carried a sword for good reason. Dying by the sword is better than dying by doing nothing to save our children. The people are out to kill us. If we dont stand and fight we wont be able to pray for anyone because we'll be dead. Anyone who tells you to roll over and let these criminals take over your women, children and country is a complete buffoon."

What we have... is 1900 years of interpretive Christianity all set in motion and based upon that which was established in Jerusalem by the Disciples and Apostles of Jesus..

The historical and linguistical altercations that took place EVEN BEFORE the pagan high priest "Pontifex Maximus"(Emperor Constantine) had Eusebius of Caesarea formally "pick" the right books for the so called "Canon" were very VERY minor when one considers that Constantine massacred the Christian Scriptures of the 1st and 2nd century by amalgamating the established Roman and his own pagan beliefs with very same Scriptures...The religious influence of Jesus and his Disciples were now tempered back considerably while Ministers and Bishops sprouted up like seeds in an allotment...and this was over 150 years AFTER the Britons(Cymry) blessed their country as a Christian Nation by their very own Royal Family..They celebrated Jesus' birthday in the spring which they knew to be correct..as opposed to the paganised birthday of the 25th December .
Many a devout Christian(Brit) was murdered by fellow Christians(Romano) for just this difference in understanding. and that was 1600 years ago

I believe that it was at this point in our history (312-399AD) that the Religious Elite and Political Academics seen very clearly that by 'educating' (substitute your own word) the Christian masses in to "putting the sword down" and "loving your enemies" even "turning the other cheek"...they..the people, just like today's "Bush/Obama/Blair/Brown" doctrine needs to depend and trust those that requires constant acknowledgment, position and wealth....."Love The Fear Factor" don't you
Could it be put "fear in"....to get...."love out"...Is that what they mean when they say "FEAR GOD"

Important...One must also never lose sight of the fact that these Christians were, just prior to this "language consolidation", still being persecuted,oppressed and pursued in the streets and the arenas...I know what your thinking at this juncture :-) ...and I believe you to be correct..
Cui Bono(who benefits here). as that 4-letter word just jumps out of the page...and its not "love" :-)
I am a Christian up to and no further than 156AD and I really cannot envision Jesus- Matthew-Mark-Luke or John and particularly the big guy in the sky (BGITS)knowing by bitter experience the outcome that befalls weak people contemplating a philosophy that endangers their flock so readily...

Christianity would be dead in the water today had they abided by the hypocritical (does not have) praise in the Hebrew Law of absolute forgiveness..
When one considers that in 1885 the Archbishop of Canterbury ripped out 15 books(The Apocrypha) from the English edition of the KJB(now 66) ..one then must reflect as to the rationale for such an apparent extreme course of action to adopt and relate that activeness to many others through the passage of the centuries...

That be the case,can we honestly believe that lying prostrate in a complete defensive neutral, non-combative position was the "ism" that Jesus sought and taught our ancestors.

Indeed ,what additional literary material and linguistical morphage did Eusebius of Caesarea introduce into that Bible so as to put the "fear of God" into the masses.

Christianity (anagram) --In its charity


Anonymous said...

Bishop Williamson has a blog at:


Anonymous said...

In case anyone might be interested in writing letters of support to His Excellency.

His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson
Seminario Nuestra Senora Corredentora
Caja de Correos #308
La Reja, Moreno
Buenos Aires, RA-1744
[54] (11) 44 40 67 38 tel