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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hoffman Deconstructs Jackie Mason's Defense of Mel Gibson


(Mason's remarks follow Hoffman's column)

by Michael A. Hoffman II

The following remarks in defense of Mel Gibson, by the comedian and former rabbi, Jackie Mason, are making the Internet rounds and garnering the kind of unqualified elation that makes me shake my head at the superficial nature of online mentation.

Not that Mr. Mason doesn't make some important points: that Gibson has never done a thing against Judaics or their empire. Quite true.

That Abe Foxman's job requires him to invent racism where there isn't any. Also true. So should we stand up and cheer for Jackie Mason, the fair-minded Judaic?

Well, that's one of the reasons why Mason has been allowed his high profile cheer for Gibson. As the prestige of Judaism plummets in the wake of the Israeli holocaust against Lebanon, the inevitable charm offensive begins. The Cryptocracy wants us to believe that Judaism produces some good and decent people, like Jackie Mason.

The Cryptocracy wants us to continue to believe in Judaism, to some extant at least. Like Joe Sobran, who is cognizant of some of what the Talmud teaches but was moved to praise Rabbi Moses Miamonides anyway, for his supposed monotheistic rectitude.

It wouldn't do for Americans to despise Orthodox Judaism the way they've been taught to despise radical Islam, as wholly and irredeemably evil.

So the Jackie Masons, the Daniel Lapins and the "Torah True" anti-Zionist rabbis are trotted out center stage to keep us believing that Judaism is in some way our elder brother in the faith, with good-hearted folk in its nooks and crannies.

Second point: Judaics respect power, not blogs, chattering classes and pundits, and Mel Gibson wields the power of cinema, with which Judaics have shaped America in their image and likeness since they first managed to steal the medium away from its gentile pioneers, Thomas Edison, D.W. Griffith and Walt Disney.

If Gibson had the nerve, he certainly has the means -- technical, financial and artistic -- to produce a riveting two hour epic film demolishing the homicidal gas chamber hoax. Or he could make a film on the truth about Judaism as a crime syndicate that calls itself a religion. Movies like that could permanently damage--even threaten to scuttle--the entire scaffolding of the hypnosis that sustains the pulsating core of the Cryptocracy.

Mel Gibson has power and the Cryptocracy is not going to allow him to be attacked from every side and driven thereby into the arms of "radical extremists" like Michael A. Hoffman II, Arthur Butz or George Galloway.

So, while the berserk Zionists are allowed to pummel him and make him eat crow, another wing of the Cryptocracy is there to shield him, soothe him and keep him in the fold. Enter Jackie Mason.

Mason is a Judaic of Judaics but he says Gibson has never harmed the Judaics in all of his career. That career includes the movie "The Passion," which has been mistaken for some enormous blow to Judaism. Celebrity and star-power are wondrous things. "The Passion" is actually a hate-the-Romans flick. "The Passion" has the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary played by a homely Khazaress, while Satan is played by a beautiful Aryan type.

"The Passion" has Christ say "Father forgive them" as the camera pans to show the Chief Priest of the Pharisees. Jackie Mason, a Judaic of Judaics, can find nothing offensive in "The Passion." Others rabbis have concurred.

Mel Gibson has never done a thing against Judaism. Mason is telling a truth Christians and especially traditional Catholics, have denied and blocked from their consciousness.

Jackie Mason makes much of the virtue of decency. He calls Gibson decent because Mason says Gibson never harmed Judaics. Aw shucks, that's sweet of Jackie to say that. It gives us all a warm fuzzy feeling, the we're-all-in-this-together vibe that Judaic Hollywood has been promoting since it first took over as storyteller to the nation.

The problem is that Mason has not followed his own advice and cannot by any stretch of the imagination be considered a decent fellow himself.

Rabbi Meir Kahane was the founder of the misnamed Jewish Defense League or JDL, which bombed its way across America and was listed as a terrorist organization by the FBI. In the Israeli state, JDL member Baruch Goldstein slaughtered 40 Palestinians in Hebron in 1994.

Rabbi Kahane advocated the forced expulsion of all Arabs, Christian or Muslim, from Palestine. Who backed Kahane and his blood-dripping terror gang? None other than our avuncular quondam rabbi and awarder of certificates of human decency, Jackie Mason, who now, thanks to his favored position in the Establishment media, is placed in the role of arbiter of Hollywood deceny.

Sure, it's enjoyable to hear the truth about Abe Foxman and the ADL, and about parasitic tinsel town losers who resent a success like Gibson, and how alcoholic intoxication is a Jekyll and Hyde phenomenon rather than an accurate reading of the content of one's soul.

But my job is to raise my readers above the level of puppets and robots, and I ask you to react to Mason's remarks about Gibson beyond those prescribed, degraded parameters.

Jackie Mason is not decent, he's not one of us and he's not speaking out for Mel out of the goodness of his heart.

Like Rabbi Lapin and the Talmud-True anti-Zionist rabbis of Neturei Karta, Mr. Mason is trying to salvage for Judaism a measure of its prestige, to snooker us into continuing to buy the discredited notion that Judaics are part of western civilization, rather than aliens utterly hostile to it and forever seeking its overthrow by one means or another.

The boobs in our ranks will uncritically applaud Mason, because they have no memory. They forget the innocent victims of the JDL, Mason's favored terror gang (known in Israeli territory as "Kach").

Still, I admit that Jackie has retailed one valuable, suppressed truth about Mel Gibson: he has never in his life done a thing to harm Judaism or its leadership.

May this truth not be forgotten.

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Jackie Mason defends Mel Gibson, Ridicules Hollywood Judaics and ADL

Fox News: Your World

Cavuto:  Why are you so forgiving?

Mason: I'll be honest with you. It's not that I'm so forgiving, it's that all these people are very sick. They get a vicious, sick, perverted, sadistic thrill out of this whole thing. Look at the glee in them. Look at the happiness about catching him. Because they're all basically failures or they never amounted to anything. Oh, they're actors who are struggling to make a living and they've always been bitter and envious of a guy who makes such a huge success. So now they found an excuse…

Cavuto (interrupts): But he did say a lot of nasty things. As a Jew, how do you feel about it?

Mason: Let me be very honest with you. Nobody could excuse these remarks, but do you ever take it so seriously when a guy is drunk and stupid, laying on the floor, and he says some ridiculous things. People curse their own mother in a state like that. They tell their whole family to drop dead. I mean, the whole family would be going to a cemetery by Thursday.

Cavuto: But never the less, they say it's a truth serum. You don't buy that?

Mason: They say it's a truth serum. You gotta be a moron, you gotta be the phoniest, wretchedest fraud in the world to claim that it's a truth serum.  If it's your family or your friends and they say something in a drunken state, you say he's drunk and you forget about it. In a drunken state you might bang your head against the wall. Does that mean you wanna break your head?  You might go into a car…

Cavuto: (interrupts) You're not bitter toward Mel?

Mason: I wanna ask you a question. Do you ever notice how people beg a guy not to drive when he's drunk and he drives anyway cause he doesn't even know he's drunk and he doesn't even know he shouldn't be driving and he doesn't even know that ten seconds later  he's dead?

Cavuto: That's a very good point.

Mason: If you wanna kill yourself, does that prove yourself that really if you gave him a gun he would kill himself? If you gave him a gun I don't think he'd kill himself. He's too sick and drunk to know that he's about to kill himself. I wanna ask you a question. These people are attacking him. They're all saying the same thing in Hollywood, "I would never work with him again." These are all failures that have never worked with him before. He never asked them to work with him, he don't need them. He makes a fortune, but they can't get a job. But they're threatening him that they won't work with him again.

Cavuto: So you think a lot of this is jealousy?

Mason: Jealousy and hate and contempt for a guy who's doing too good. Also with this guy Abe Foxman, this head of the ADL. Another fake from top to bottom.  I don't talk about people, it's not my nature, but he's a total fake. Let's be honest about it. Anybody who makes a life out of fighting racism in effect has to blow-up racism in order to justify himself and the job he has, otherwise he'd have to go to work. Otherwise he'd have to get up in the morning and get a real job.

Cavuto:  Jackie, let's look at this. ABC has already cut plans to co-produce his holocaust special, so that's out. Is he going to have any ill effects from all of this in Hollywood?

Mason: He might have ill effects, because people love burying a guy who's big. If a guy on a bicycle breaks down, you cry for him. If he breaks down in a Rolls Royce, you applaud. People who make a living from fighting ant-Semitism, like Al Sharpton, and from fighting racism, they have to convince themselves there's racism everyplace and that every minute they're about to blow up every Jew in America, because otherwise they'd have to go to work for a living. He fears a job a lot more than he fears Anti-Semitism. That he might have to get up in the morning is an amazing fear that Foxman has. And all of the sudden he made himself the judge and the jury of this man.

Cavuto: Well, a lot of people have. There was that Rabbi who suggested that maybe Mel Gibson should apologize to his congregation on Yom Kippur.

Jackie: You know why?  Because nobody knows who this Rabbi is. Who cares who he is? All of the sudden he becomes a producer. All of the sudden he's producing a show with him and Mel Gibson. He'll become the star of the show. Then you'll see it in the newspapers, "Starring Rabbi Schwartz with Mel Gibson". He'll get second billing, because it's another Rabbi looking for attention. They decided they're the judge and jury of this whole situation. They've become a personal mafia now. Because who knows who they are, who would pay attention to them?  Foxman and this other guy are loving it. They're threatening him everyday about how he should apologize…

Cavuto: Jews who are speaking out against… There are some Jews who aren't in that camp who are legitimately offended. You say they should get over themselves?

Jackie: They're nuts if they're offended. His life has been a mecca of decency all of his life. He never afflicted a Jew in his life personally. How a guy lived for fifty years is what should count, not one remark when you're drunk. He never joined a club that was anti-Semitic. He never refused to give a guy a tip at a restaurant because he found out he was Jewish. His house doesn't have a sign in front of it that says 'no Jews allowed'. What did he ever do that was anti-Jewish in his life?  A whole 50 years of decency doesn't count because you made one remark? Now they say apologize, but he didn't apologize enough. He should apologize a little higher. He should apologize in the morning, he only apologized at night. …. He was apologized but he was sitting… He should have got a note to apologize… He should apologize at least two more times, four times, thirty-two… now they want him to get circumcized

Cavuto: Enough already… It's a family show…

Jackie: It's a family show, but we should have decency. It's more important if we brought decency into this world and stop attacking people because you're never amounted to anything…

Cavuto:  Jackie, you're yelling at me too.

Jackie Mason, thank you very much.


Anonymous said...


As always, your ability to decode the Cryptocracy's Janus face rhetoric makes you one of the leading spokesmen for Christianity in America. Given our apostate era few will listen. But with as little as 7000 souls that do not bow the knee to the demons of the City of Man, we, through Christ, will conquer.

Judaica delenda est.

Iranian For Aryans said...

If I remember properly, Mason was also the guy who disallowed a Palestinian stand-up comedian from performing, because the former said the Palestinians were killing his people.

BTW, are you a Dreiser fan?

Anonymous said...

Here is the root cause of evil in the Middle East and every conflict there and connected thereto: apostate, perfidious, anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-man Judaism.

See this post of mine at the WP: http://forums.washingtonpost.com/wpforums/messages?msg=4847.1392