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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Friday, July 07, 2006

Judaic Women to the back of the bus

The US media hammer Muslims for their treatment of women and the NY Times and electronic media have on more than one occasion featured dissident Muslim women in high profile articles and broadcasts excoriating their religion on this issue. When it comes to Orthodox Judaism's abominable treatment of women however, no similar concerns are usually raised. In general, the US media treat Judaism as a warm, compassionate environment for the post-"Holocaust," stand-by-your-man type of Judaic woman. This is far from the reality of the grim situation for Orthodox women, as the following information attests.

"Today, exactly half a century after formal discrimination was banned on public buses in Alabama, Egged (the largest bus company in Israel) has introduced new bus lines called 'kosher lines for the ultra-orthodox.' The rules of travel on these lines, as detailed in this paper a few days ago, stipulate that women can only sit in the rear of the bus. Only men are permitted to sit in the front of the bus." Source: Dan Ben-David, "Separate but not equal," Haaretz July 7, 2006

"Two new sex-segregated bus lines, known as Mehadrin lines, were introduced at the beginning of this week - between Ofakim and Bnei Brak, and between Ofakim and Jerusalem, bringing to 30 the number of segregated buses that Egged is operating throughout the country. Most of the buses are on intercity lines." Source: Haaretz, July 7, 2006

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