Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Holocaust Daily News (otherwise known as the New York Times)

By Michael Hoffman

On Sunday, January 26, the New York Times published a front page story about a book consisting of the single word "Jew" printed six million times as a memorial to "The Holocaust."

Two days later, on January 28, on p. A10 the paper published a story: "A Vast Toll Away From Nazi Death Camps" in which, the Times claims, "Historians are shedding light on the huge numbers of Jews killed in what some call a Holocaust by bullets.”

When Ariel Sharon, the Israeli Butcher of Beirut, died on January 11, the New York Times  in its January 12 edition (p. A12), devoted less than one sentence to  Sharon's mass murder of civilians in Beirut in 1982: "...the Israeli invasion seemed not to end but to take on an increasingly punishing nature, including the saturation bombing of Beirut neighborhoods..."

That is all the Times had to say about Sharon's terror bombing of a major Arab city for several weeks in the summer of 1982.

We see an approved form of holocaust denial when the victims are Arabs and the war crimes are committed by "the Jewish state" less than 34 years ago.

And we see daily and weekly newspaper, radio and television reports, essays, books, lectures and movies about crimes said to have been committed by Germans 70 years ago.

It is our duty to a light a candle in this darkness and ensure that the forbidden knowledge of what the Allies perpetrated against German civilians they considered sub-human during and after World War II, and what "the Jewish state of Israel" has perpetrated against the Arab civilians they regard as sub-human now, is kept alive and known to our children and to history,  just as the monks kept the repository of the collective knowledge of western civilization in remote monasteries, while the barbarian hordes swept Europe —  even as the Zionist-contolled media endeavor to sweep our minds and souls of the last vestiges of that civilization.


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James said...

It will be interesting to see how the NY Times reports on the upcoming documentary movie The Principle (www.theprinciplemovie.com) which I believe is to a good degree an expose of the false and force fed -- and to be honest quite preposterous -- cosmological history the world has been fed for over the last 400 years.

The Copernican Principle (the largely atheistic/agnostic idea that the Earth holds no special place in the universe) from which the movie draws its name, is no less a sophisticated lie than the "sacred" 6 million gas chamber hoax.

The truth will ultimately always win out in the end, of course, but in the meantime we sadly endure the darkness of the NYT propaganda/lie machine. Nevertheless, congrats Mr. Hoffman for courageously, and no less inspirationally, keeping the candles of truth lit up!