Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mayan Day of Doom and the Newtown Massacre

The Long Count Calendar's December 21 Day of Doom and the Seven Day Anniversary of the Newtown Child Sacrifices

By Michael Hoffman
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The Long Count Calendar from which our contemporary false prophets derive their December 21 doomsday prognostication is actually not Mayan. The Long Count Calendar predates the Mayans. Its origins are in the Mexican antecedents of the Mayans, the dreaded Olmecs.

Olmec death cult figurine 

The Dec. 21 date has been awaited with world-wide fear and trepidation, although as I write these words it is already December 21 and nothing spectacular has occurred.

For purposes of this analysis, we are not interested in the fact that the ancient Mayans may not have seen this Dec. 21 "turning point" as anything fearsome or worrisome. Some scholars have said that the dawn of a new Mayan epoch would be a cause for celebration for the ancient Mayans, not doom. This is not germane to our study.

We are interested in synchronicities and tracking the occult process whereby the Group Mind of humanity is alchemically shaped and programmed.

December 21, 2012 coincides with the seven day anniversary of the massacre of 28 persons (including the shooter) which took place in the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown (New Town) Connecticut.

Like the Olmec/Mayan New Epoch, the Newtown anniversary is being marked with widespread tension, in this case in American schools from coast to coast, where rumors of students bringing guns to school are rife.

What we are observing as we arrive at the Olmec/Mayan Long Count Day of Doom, December 21 (a meme put forth by shadowy forces) is a wave of fear, one of the most potent of all human energies. Can this collective fear be harnessed in the same way that the ancient Mexicans believed that blood sacrifice could be harnessed by their dark gods?

The United States of America has made quite a show of sympathy for the 27 victims of Adam Lanza; in partcular the focus of pity has been on his sacrifice of 20 little children. As a means of expressing collective grief and rage, our nation is in the midst of centering its wrath on the weapon Lanza used to sacrifice the children, with calls to severly limit the availability of certain types of firearms.

There has been very little national soul-searching however, over the karmic consequences of the routine, mass abortions of infants in America. The mass sacrifice of infants in America's abortion mills is pitiless. The sacrifice of American children through abortion elicits very little sympathy on the order of the passionate response to the Newtown child sacrifice. Hypocrisy is a dehumanizing element, corrosive of soul and spirit, including the national psyche and spirit.

As we have noted, the Long Count Calendar predates the Mayans, and originates with the Olmec of ancient Mexico, the predecessors of the Mayans. The chief characteristic of the Olmec religion was a death cult centered on the sacrifice of children.

Olmec child sacrifice

What we have on December 21, 2012 is strange brew: 1. Enormous anxiety and fear for the past twelve months over what Dec. 21, 2012 would bring or portend. 2. The one-week anniversary of one of the most spectacular and depraved mass murders of children in American history, coinciding with a prophecy put into motion more than 2,000 years ago by a state religion dedicated to child sacrifice.

Can these patterns be accounted for by dismissing them as “coincidence,” or do we detect in them the “long count” of a primordial, malevolent intelligence?

Hoffman is the author of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare and the editor of the newsletter, Revisionist History. His latest book is Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not.



Jason said...

Phrygian-like cap there in that 2nd pic.

(Thunder)Bird headgear in the first.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Hoffman,

The thoughts in this column re: the daily sacrifice of the unborn, are the same ones I voiced when I heard about the shootings in Newtown (pronounced, by the way, 'Newton', per a friend who grew up in Connecticut. Something else the drive by media didn't get correct.)
Fortunately, a few of my good friends agreed with me.

Another problem sure to raise my ire is the extreme concern for animals, but not for the unborn. A woman interviewed this morning on the local news, said that stricter laws were required to protect animals. (Evidently the story that preceded her comments dealt with cruelty to an animal.) I love animals, but as GK Chesterton wrote (and I paraphrase) when animals are worshipped, one can be certain that human sacrifice is taking place.
The hypocrisy is deafening!

Thank you for letting me post.

ThomasT said...

The 'doomsdayers' who predicted the end of the Planet Earth on December 21st, have misinterpreted the Mayan/Olmec Calender. What is actually happening is that the Planet is physically moving into a position where it will be greatly influenced by energies from the Galaxy's huge central sun.This happens because our solar system moves in a large orbit which brings it into this position every 25,860 years. As our Planet passes through these fields of energies generated by this powerful central sun, all life forms on the Planet and the Planet will be affected and influenced. We are leaving the age of Pisces, into the age of Aquarius, the age of truth, spiritual enlightenment, the development of the mind, love of knowledge and freedom. It's a time when one must take the opprtunity to accept responsibility of one's life upon oneself, and not let cults dictate.

This age will last for 2,155 years. It will be a difficult time, due to the many different levels of spirtual development on our Planet, and the materialistic socieites that exist.

The Age of Aquarius began on Feb. 3rd. 1844 at 11.20 am. The transition phase from one age to the next takes 186 years. In Feb. 3rd 1937 these vibrations greatly increased, and on Feb 3rd 2030 the transition will be complete. In Feb 3rd 3999 the next age, that of Capricorn, starts.

Instead of expecting the end of the world, those that are in tune with the facts, know that this is the start of an age of enlightenment, and a time for a re-evaluation of our journey, so that we can progress.

To get up-to-speed read The Pleiadian Mission by Randolph Winters but only if you are open minded enough to accept a whole new paradigm.

Billy Bob said...

This whole collective meme surrounding 2012 has been not unlike the Y2K bug back in 1999 to me. It's totally manufactured to sell movies like Emmerich's 2012, for instance, which no doubt plays a part in the whole occult processing of the group mind as you put it Michael. It wouldn't surprise me, however, if next year a major event happens paralleling the media hype over the Millennium Bug i.e. the fearful anticipation of 1/1/2001 which then came and went without a murmur while over a year later after everyone had returned to the monotony of their normal lives 9/11 struck without warning. So just like 12/21/2012 has come and gone without the end of the world as many had predicted it begs the question if history will repeat and we'll see like 11 years ago a global event next year or even in 2014 when everyone has returned to the hum and drum of their daily lives? Isn't that how the cryptocracy usually work via misdirection and disinformation to play out their preplanned scripts?

Joe Ortiz said...

Michael, your subtle innuendo (and indirect affront on Mexicans) is duly noted by your comment:

"...ancient Mexicans believed that blood sacrifice could be harnessed by their dark gods?"

Today's Mexican people are no more "savage" of heart than the innocent victims in Gaza, as Talmudic Zionists claim.

Joe Ortiz, Author
"The End Times Passover

Anonymous said...

Quote "Hypocrisy is a dehumanizing element, corrosive of soul and spirit, including the national psyche and spirit."

That's a great line. Time to revisit Fr. Vincent Miceli and his book the Roots of Violence. I think there is a parallel path of both America and the Roman Catholic Church. Both institutions are doing the exact opposite of their original intentions. This is a classic mark of the Devil who even had the chutzpah to tempt Christ in the desert. SOP - invert any person or institution to do evil.

Michael Hoffman said...

To Joe Ortiz

For "ancient Mexicans" substitute ancient Druids or ancient Attic Greeks.

No aspersions are cast on any of these peoples because of what occurred while they were in the darkness, before they accepted the light of Christ.

Maurice Pinay said...

... Newtown (pronounced, by the way, 'Newton'


Maurice Pinay said...

I also haven't seen it noted anywhere that Loughner drew blood on the 8th day of the new year.

Adam Evenson said...

Hoffman, you raise an intriguing angle here. I'll have to think about it a while. You may be correct. I'd bet you are.

GodSend said...

God's Grace is Greater than the Mayan or any other calendar! Apparently, there are more souls to be saved before the Book Of Life is closed. It's a time to Thank God for His Patience and Mercy. Hallelujah!

Joachim Brodbeck said...

Why would anybody give any credence to a bunch of Molech worshipping, cannibal cretins anyway? What has happened to the Western world that we would take our lead from a bunch of third world pagans anyway?

As for the second photo, it's beyond disgusting that anybody would have that travesty in their garden. Again, why would anybody celebrate such a dysfunctional, pathetic culture?

I believe one of the factors in our crumbling society has been the embracing of inferior cultures from the third world when we had our own advanced culture, and our own superior religion, Christianity, and didn't need to learn anything from a bunch of backward heathens. But now the kids emulate the lowest and most savage elements on the planet and disdain everything that is truthful, beautiful, and sacred.

Anyway, this pope isn't confused. He is evil and he serves Satan.

bymjames said...

On what do you base this part of your premise:

"Enormous anxiety and fear for the past twelve months over what Dec. 21, 2012 would bring or portend,"

Who was anxious or fearful? Who other than specialists (and a few who might have stumbled across the topic accidentally) knew anything about the Mayan Day of Doom, relevant details of Mayan prophecy, an Olmec death cult and Olmec child sacrifice practices, or The Long Count?

Michael Hoffman said...

To bymjames:

It seems you are not aware that the purported "Mayan doomsday" date of Dec. 21 entered mass popular culture in 2012.

The lack of knowledge of the “details,” as you term them, have no bearing on the fear and anxiety that was generated.

Joachim Brodbeck said...

According to scripture, any prophet whose prediction doesn't come to pass is a fraud and a false prophet, suitable to be put to death. Where is the record of successful predictions based on the Mayans or any other pagan culture that would give this recently hyped prophecy any credibility?

I just don't get it. How does a formerly literate, nominally Christian culture forget its knowledge and embrace such darkness? Satan has been busy in the public schools, the media, inside the Church and inside our governments for the past 100 years obliterating our knowledge of who we were. Such a terrible loss. We need the pure gospel of Christ and the Holy Spirit now more than ever.