Thursday, November 01, 2012

Mitt Romney is a pathological liar


Conservative priests and ministers are running around America advising their Christian flock to vote for Romney (or subtly insinuating as much), using the old "lesser of two evils" line of malarkey.

• A vote for Romney is a vote for more useless foreign wars that will bleed and bankrupt America.

• A vote for Romney is a vote for a respectable-looking, family-values spouting whore who will say or do anything to get elected President of the United States.

If you vote for Romney, remember that you have been warned. 

If he is elected, you will bear responsibility for his wars, the police state those wars will engender here at home, and treacherous deceiving of the American people on the model of George W. Bush.

Romney Versus the Automakers
New York Times, Nov. 1, 2012

When General Motors tells a presidential campaign that it is engaging in “cynical campaign politics at its worst,” that’s a pretty good signal that the campaign has crossed a red line and ought to pull back. Not Mitt Romney’s campaign. Having broadcast an outrageously deceitful ad attacking the auto bailout, the campaign ignored the howls from carmakers and came back with more.

Mr. Romney apparently plans to end his race as he began it: playing lowest-common-denominator politics, saying anything necessary to achieve power and blithely deceiving voters desperate for clarity and truth.

This started months ago when he realized that his very public 2008 stance against the successful and wildly popular government bailout of G.M. and Chrysler was hurting him in the valuable states of Ohio and Michigan. In February, he wrote an essay for The Detroit News calling the bailout “crony capitalism on a grand scale” because unions benefited and insisting that Detroit would have been better off to refuse federal money. (This ignores the well-documented reality that there was no other cash available to the carmakers.)

When that tactic didn’t work, he began insisting at the debates that his plan for Detroit wasn’t really that different from President Obama’s. (Except for the niggling detail of the $80 billion federal investment.)

That was quickly discredited, so Mr. Romney began telling rallies last week that Chrysler was considering moving its production to China. Chrysler loudly denounced it as “fantasies,” saying it was only considering increasing production in China for sale in China, without moving a single American job.

“I feel obliged to unambiguously restate our position: Jeep production will not be moved from the United States to China,” Chrysler’s chief executive, Sergio Marchionne, said in a statement. “Jeep assembly lines will remain in operation in the United States and will constitute the backbone of the brand. It is inaccurate to suggest anything different.” In fact, 1,100 new jobs will be added in Toledo to produce a new generation of Jeep.

The Romney campaign ignored the company, following up with an instantly notorious ad saying President Obama “sold Chrysler to Italians who are going to build Jeeps in China.” If the false implication wasn’t clear enough, the campaign put out a radio ad on Tuesday saying “Barack Obama says he saved the auto industry. But for who? Ohio or China?” What happened, the ad asks, “to the promises made to autoworkers in Toledo and throughout Ohio?”

What happened was that those promises were kept. Nearly 1.5 million people are working as a direct result of the bailout. Ohio’s unemployment rate is well below the national average. G.M.’s American sales continue to increase, and Chrysler said this week that its third-quarter net income rose 80 percent. These companies haven’t just bounced back from the bottom; they are accelerating.

What Mr. Romney cannot admit is that all this is a direct result of the government investment he would have rejected. It’s bad enough to be wrong on the policy. It takes an especially dishonest candidate to simply turn up the volume on a lie and keep repeating it.

By doing that in a flailing, last-minute grab for Ohio, Mr. Romney is providing a grim preview of what kind of president he would be.



Rex Harrill said...

Your OCD is showing with your requirements to comment.

What is your point? I'm a libertarian and will vote for Romney on both moral grounds and because I think he will respond to libertarian pressure. Sometimes you (I) have to pick a starting point to get back to political sanity. I am assuming that you just don't get it that letting GM go through ordinary bankruptcy would have restored sanity to a large part of the country. And the "new" GM would be a better company.

Eric Robinson said...

No scrying stones are needed(pun intended) to discern that Romney will escalate our decline in favor of corporate favors and war.. But I still cringe every time I hear that a multi-national corporation, who has no true allegience to the US, received tax dollars to invest wherever they wanted, including that facility in China.

I find it hilarious that Obama takes any credit for "saving the country" when he knows damn well that someone else crafted his bailout package. To top it off he then he gave away at least 1 million jobs to illegal immigrants, negating a majority of the jobs he saved in Ohio.

They're all pathological liars!

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Sir

What are Romney’s “moral grounds”? War for Zionism in Iran?

Vulture capitalism?

No thanks!

I am not a usurer. Libertarians are. Greed is moral?

ASE_Baltimore said...

It's time to look past Romney. Obama will be re-elected and the Senate will remain a Democrat majority. The healthcare insurance plan was upheld by the right-wing "Chief Justice", and Obama has proved he was born in the USA. What kind of psychological effect will this, together with Obama's re-election, have on some of Romney's money-grubbing, war-mongering, schizophrenic supporters? There have been a number of mass murders in recent years by nut-cases of a right-wing bent (Unitarian Temple, Sikh Temple, etc). Will the Cryptocracy play the right-wing terror card (Oklahoma City) to impose gun confiscation or severe restrictions and put the finishing touches on a police state?