Friday, October 05, 2012

German Shepherds renew their attack on Bishop Williamson

By Michael Hoffman

Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller was recently appointed the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (responsible for enforcement of dogma), by that other German shepherd, Pope Benedict XVI (Josef Ratzinger). The October 4, 2012 issue of the National Catholic Register online features an interview with Archbishop Müller. Here is an excerpt:

National Catholic Register: "Is it possible for reconciliation with Bishop Richard Williamson within the Society (of St. Pius X - "SSPX")?"

Archbishop Müller: "Williamson is a separate problem to this reconciliation process. It is simply unacceptable that a Christian or even more a bishop — of course he is not a Catholic bishop, as a bishop is only Catholic when he is in full communion with the Pope, the Successor of Peter, which Williamson is not — denies all that the Nazis had done against the Jewish people, their exterminations. How is it possible to be so cold-hearted about this? It is absolutely unacceptable, but this is a separate problem." (End quote).

Here is Shoahbiz theological-'history' as embraced by the magisterium of the Catholic Church, to which every Catholic is bound to submit. Catholics are ordered to be completely smitten with the new religion of Holocaustianity, and believe "all that the Nazis had done against the Jewish people" (according to Judaic and Allied propaganda).

This is the new dogma: a viewpoint of men concerning secular history has now become divine writ. If you dare to doubt the high priests of Holocaustianity, and you believe instead Arthur R. Butz, Robert Faurisson, Germar Rudolf, Carlo Mattogno, Thies Christophersen, Fred Leutcher, Thomas Dalton, Samuel Crowell and many other revisionist scholars, scientists and historians who say there were no fatal gassings in Auschwitz-Birkeanu, then you are a "cold-hearted" heretic who will be booted out of the Catholic Church. You can doubt the Israeli holocaust in Gaza and the Allied holocaust in Dresden, but it would be heresy to allow former Max Planck Institute doctoral candidate Rudolf to doubt the chemistry of the holy relics of Auschwitz.

Am I a heretic for thinking that the Northern Union that defeated the Southern Confederacy was a genocidal, racist regime due to the massacre of the American Indians which Union generals like Sherman, Sheridan and Custer perpetrated in the American West, after defeating the South? Do I open myself to ecclesiastical censure by asserting that contemporary Orthodox Judaism is the spiritual heir of the same ideology that crucified Jesus? Will I be called to Rome for denying that Elie Wiesel is a saint?

The only historical facts that Catholics are bound to acknowledge are found in the Gospels and summarized in the Creed.  The neo-Platonist papal 'hermeneutic of continuity' puts the perjured and/or confused testimony of the "eyewitnesses" to the supposed homicidal gas chambers of Auschwitz on par with the witnesses to Christ's Resurrection in Palestine. Actually, some Catholics doubt Christ's resurrection and no heavily publicized persecution of those skeptics issues from the Vatican. In Catholicism, the alleged execution gas chambers of Auschwitz are more sacred that Christ's Resurrection. So we have an idol to which all must bow, and Bishop Williamson, performing his Biblical duty by refusing to bow, is persecuted by the pope and bishops as a heretic. This is the world turned upside down.

The pope and his prelatical shepherds of the flock do not speak with authority. They speak with about as much lucidity as the Mad Hatter at the Tea Party of Alice in Wonderland. Who can credit such men as spiritual guides, or Christian authorities?

The Vatican has been performing doctrinal somersaults and betrayals of Catholic Truth for many hundreds of years, long before the Enlightenment. To discover the root of modernism in the Catholic Church one must look all the way back -- to the dawn of the Renaissance, and the rise of the most palpable darkness that ever came out of the bottomless pit, as this writer's forthcoming book, Usury in Christendom, will endeavor to demonstrate.


Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not, is in the proofreading stage and scheduled to be sent to the printer October 12. The printing will take about eight weeks. We will announce a pre-publication sale very soon. Thanks are due to the folks who prayed for us and/or contributed financially. Your prayers and donations allowed us to complete the book without having to rush it. (We're still trying to raise funds for the largest possible printing of the first edition, rather than a limited edition, and for print and direct mail advertising)...Revisionist History newsletter subscribers: issue no. 64 is delayed due to our work on the book. We will commence production on the newsletter next week. Your  patience and understanding are appreciated).



Saddened said...

Mr. Hoffman,

I am not ready to concede that the Roman Catholic Church has totally lost its teaching authority. But I feel I am coming closer to this view and I have been experiencing a spiritual crisis for some time.

If the Church has been infiltrated by modernism since the Renaissance, as you say, then where do we find Christ's Church? Where is my family to go on Sunday to worship and to be with fellow Christians?

I am interested in your perspective on where we go concretely to find the faith in this day and age.

At any rate, I look forward to your book on usury.

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Saddened

I am not a theologian and I do not pretend to have the competence to adduce the factors that lend integrity to the contemporary Roman Catholic Church, much less how it might affect your Sunday Mass obligation.

I can and do address the culpability of individuals, including the pope, based on their own words.

In my usury book, I do not withhold any uncomfortable or shocking fact out of fear of what the impact of the revelation might be on the pious. The job of the historian is to excavate what is hidden in the record of the past: Res ipsa loquitor.

From there it is up to every human being to decide. This is the mystery of free will: "God's unconditional respect for the freedom of his creature..." If God respects human beings to that degree, I do not believe I have an obligation to self-censor any truth; and I realize you have not asked me to do so.

If my usury thesis is correct, it will provoke a great deal of soul-searching about corruption largely undreamed of until now.

Given the state of the Church at present, it seems to me that it has been the failure of Catholics to confront harsh truths that has contributed enormously to the present crisis.

mike said...

I too look forward to this new book. I also appreciate your reply to this extremely uncomfortable realization of church corruption in our midst. I've been made very aware of the fact of rampant church corruption as an almost universal epidemic. Yet, the facts are most often "kept" out of sight...either by manufactured complexities of/by the money powers or, religious authorities who use their theological credentialism as capital to buy our silence. You hit the key point bullseye (IMHO) "it is up to every human being to decide"..and it is essencial to have the truth...that is, the WHOLE TRUTH in order to make the right decision. "Given the state of the church at has been the failure of catholics to confront harsh truths that has contributed enormously to the present crisis" this sad truth is present in the protestant denominations as well. I Thank you...that you do not "self-censor any truth"! "He who does not want all truth deserves no truth"...(The Union Jack) God rewards and honors honest inquiry...but the cowardly,corrupt and contentious earn their delusions.

Athanasius said...

Dear Saddened,

If you're truly fed up with puffed-up Holocaustianity-purveying prelates in the in the Roman church, you may want to consider becomeing Eastern Orthodox. There has been a movement afoot among Protestants in this direction for a number of years now, and it's not hard to see why. The Orthodox are doctrinally conservative, there is ancient liturgical and sacramental richness, and beautiful churches present in virtually every major city. More importantly, the acrid voices of Holocaustianity, feminism, gay-ism, and religious liberalism are extremely far and few between, and there is certainly no "Pope" to whose theological or doctrinal pronouncements "ex cathedra" all are bound, particularly in the face of divergence with Holy Tradition and its scriptural witness. There are, to be sure, some nascent elements in the church (mostly in the form of modernist theologians and lay persons together with a miniscule minority of clerical temporizers) who, on occassion and often as a matter of course, tend to ape some of the more fashionable academic scribblers among their spiritually comprised brethren in the modern Roman Catholic and Protestant churches, though the practical influence these Judases are able to exert on the normative liturgical and canonical praxis within Orthodoxy is so anemic and so tiny as to be considered nearly negligible.

You will hear the world "Jews" sung in Orthodox liturgies, often contexts which are openly antagonistic to the acolytes of the Talmudic synagogue of Satan. You will experience liturgical and doctrinal integrity, continuity, an unity in a way that is just about non-existent today among mainstream Protestants and Roman Catholics. You will not see female alter servers or priests. You will not see lesbian nuns walking around in sun dresses. You will not see "charismatic" liturgies with warmed-over Peter Paul and Mary tunes being crooned amidst the din of strumming guitars and the frigid desolateness of post-Vatican II stripped-down, desacralized altars. Lip service is paid every so often to the victims of the Holy Hoax by some of the more worldy prelates, though even this gesture is carried off in a perfunctory manner and without any of the fanfare and syncretism of the usual cast of contemporary crypto-rabbinic characters and pious frauds. Indeed, one must look far and wide to find even a common priest among the Orthodox (in America, much less in places like Greece, Russia, or Romania) who is eager to engage in the ritualized acts of contrition and Khazarian arse-kissing that have literally become part of the job description of modern religious leaders.

I sincerely hope this helps you make some kind of sense out of your current spiritual crisis.

If you are an Anglophile, like myself, you should enjoy "The Orthodox Church", by former Oxford professor and noted convert Timothy Ware (Now Metropolitan Kallistos), otherwise there are a number of excellent introductions currently in print.

Best to you and your dear family,


Jason said...

In regard to betrayals of Catholic truth and its history, are you familiar with the work of the late Fr. John Romanides?

He places this betrayal even earlier than the Renaissance. His work "Franks, Romans, Feudalism and Doctrine" traces the takeover back to the Frankish invasions of the northern Roman Empire, culminating in the great lie of Charlemagne - that the Eastern (or more accurately Southern) Romans weren't really Roman at all, but "Greek heretics," with the capstone of this endeavor being the final usurpation of the Roman Bishopric after centuries of attempts to install a Frankish Pope (your German Shepherd reference seems to parallel this). Several of Fr. Romanides' works (see also "The Cure for the Neurobiological Sickness of Religion") catalogue these events, which naturally led to theological innovations such as the Filioque and the endorsement of usury.

raymond said...

Like Athanasius, i am also Eastern Orthodox, a convert. I read many books on Orthodox Christianity before converting. My personal favorite is Common Ground by Jordan Bajis. Bajis does a comparison of the three branches of Christianity; Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, and Eastern Orthodoxy. I agree with what Athanasius wrote, and i think you will find that the gates of Hell have not prevailed against the original church.

Steve said...

Mr. Hoffman,

In light of the fact you are soon to publish, Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not, following are two links which start to peel back one layer of the onion that is the Libertarian Party.
It is interesting the L.P. never seems to address the subject of USURY.

The Daily Bell hoax?

How Money Power controls the Libertarian movement in the 21st century

Seraphim said...

I came late to this post. I did intend to make some comments, but I am glad that what I had in mind was already expressed by other commentators, namely the Orthodox ones. Just one little remark, the subversion of the RC Church starts well before the Renaissance and even before Charlemagne.